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Pizlio Models Celebrated Three Glorious Years of Excellence In Serving Aspiring Models This July

Pizlio Models Celebrated Three Glorious Years of Excellence In Serving Aspiring Models This July
This July, Pizlio Models has celebrated its third glorious year of awarding wings to the aspirations of rising and talented models in India. The leading model management company has been helping them shine brighter than ever under the modelling industry spotlight by offering them a variety of rich and unexpected modelling opportunities.
From its inception on the 11th of July 2019, Pizlio Models has established itself as a leader in the Indian modelling industry. Based in Lucknow, India, and governed by The Lodhi Family, this prestigious and renowned organization’s primary objective is to build itself into a trusted name through its proven professional modelling practices. To date, over 500 models have been connected with 50+ brands by the modelling management company.
“The Chief Operations Officer of Pizlio Models, Mr. Anuj Lodhi and the Manager, Mr. Jatin Dubey have been torch-bearers of this organisation. The success Pizlio Models has achieved during its three glorious years of serving excellence would not have been possible without their unconditional support and guidance”, shares the CEO of Pizlio Models, Mr. Vivek Lodhi.
Under the superb leadership of Vivek Lodhi, the CEO of Pizlio Models, the top modelling company runs its operations successfully in Lucknow, Mumbai, and Delhi. With his constructive and enterprising support, the company has accomplished unimaginable feats in its three years of operations.
Many of India’s most capable and talented models wait for a big break that may never come today. A few money-making and unscrupulous modelling agencies leave them untapped with their unlimited potential, priceless hard work, and profound devotion. Due to this, modelling industry frauds have increased exponentially over the past decade, causing first-time models to grieve the loss of motivation and confidence in the modelling industry.
Pizlio Models was launched as a response to the widespread fraud carried out by some highly regarded professional modelling agencies three years back. As a steadfast and faithful modeling agency, its goal is to guide talented models across India with the best-suited opportunities.
Through its socially and environmentally responsible activities, Pizlio aspires to aid people in need across the country. Now and then, they host some excellent charitable events as well. A campaign called “Feed The Need” was held with the Ruhail Academy and was one of their most publicized charitable events.
Over the years, Pizlio has been successful in serving thousands of newcomers and fresher models. They have become a trusted name in the industry and have built some worthwhile connections on the way. By working with 100+ e-commerce shoots, television serials, and 30+ big brands amongst other projects.
Their team of established professional models and industry experts has widespread knowledge of the modelling and entertainment industry. Fresher models can get in touch with them today to get the best professional portfolio and guidance to make it big in the industry. As the company works with some of the industry’s biggest names and is ready to assist you in realizing your dreams.

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