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“Innovate, Shop, Connect”

Pizlio Models is pleased to work with well-known businesses. Amazon’s advanced products and services have been displayed through our models.


“Dress to Express”
LEO Clothing is a personal expression symbol, where fashion becomes a canvas for showing your own sense of self.


“Slay with Flipkart Fashion”
Thanks to our models for being part of Flipkart Fashion, a brand that brings fashion to your door with style, low price, and ease.


“Creating trends, picturing the future”
Myntra has always been at the top of the fashion game, and now they’re setting the standard for the future as well. They’ve teamed up with Pizlia Models to work on some cool projects that are pushing the limits of what fashion can do. We’re all working together to make fashion even more exciting!


“Style in Every Step”
Campus is all about coming up with new ideas and coming up with creative ways to do things, and that’s why they decided to team up with us Pizlio Models. Working together to create amazing campaigns that will wow people all over the world.


“The epitome of timeless elegance and remarkable style”
Pizlio Models is proud to showcase our models on the runways and campaigns of the renowned fashion house BIBA, which has earned them a place in the fashion world through their passion for innovation and creativity.


“Fashion Redefined, Style Rewritten”
With Meesho platform Pizlio Models helps fashion lovers find unique, custom-made pieces, so everyone can be on the cutting edge of fashion.


“Embracing the beauty of our ethnic heritage! ”
Pizlio Models is happy to partner with brands who value culture and fashion’s rich heritage. We’re proud to introduce Ajmera – one of the top ethnic wear brands that stand for timeless tradition and grace.


“Go chic and Stylish with a bang”
Pantaloon Fashion is the right fit for your own unique character, whether you’re traditional, edgy, or varied. Pantaloon Fashion’s amazing collection has been highlighted by our models.


“Seeing the world through the lens of fashion”
We’re so proud to be a part of Lenskart’s amazing collection of eyewear! Our models have been featured in all their campaigns, representing Lenskart’s vision of eyeglasses as a statement piece.


“Elevating Effortless Fashion”
Pizlio Models is all about teaming up with brands that are just as passionate about quality as we are. We’ve had the pleasure of showing off the Broyel collection with our models.


Our models at Pizlio have skillfully highlighted the incredible audio experience that JBL offers.

Aditya Birla Group

Pizlio Models is honored to be a part of the journey, capturing the essence of Aditya Birla Group’s heritage with the same passion and dedication that defines our modeling expertise.


We take immense pride in presenting Tanishq, a leading name in the realm of exquisite jewelry that epitomizes enduring tradition and grace.


Our models take pride in bringing forth the essence of Docile’s extraordinary collection, showcasing the brand’s commitment to elevating your personal style.

Policy Bazaar

Our models skillfully bring to life the groundbreaking services of Policy Bazar, capturing the essence of their commitment to excellence.


It brings us great joy to introduce Titan, a brand synonymous with precision and innovation in the world of timepieces.

V Mart

Our models bring to life the diverse and captivating collection, showcasing the brand’s unique range with skill and flair.


Gatsby, a paragon of grooming excellence, epitomizes style and sophistication. Our partnership showcases the brand’s commitment to timeless elegance and the art of refined grooming.


Embodying comfort, style, and confidence, Jockey transcends mere apparel, becoming a statement of personal identity. Our models share a remembering experience.

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